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Keep funky odors in check!

Treat everything from smelly shoes to cranial helmets with the BLUEWAVE. Try our liquid-free system and get rid of those funky odors in minutes. Let's help you bring your comfort back!

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It's time for you to feel fresh,
comfortable, and confident.

If you're one of the nearly 10 million orthotic and prosthetic users in the US,
you're probably familiar with the challenge of keeping your device clean smelling and free from bacteria. Let's leave all of that behind. The BLUEWAVE:

Uses novel activated oxygen technology - no water no skin-irritating residues!

Killed >99.9999% of MRSA  and other pathogens in lab test*

 Odor- free in as little as 6 minutes and disinfected in under 30 minutes

How It Works

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One Device to treat them all


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Prosthetic Sockets & Liners

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Cranial Helmets

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Diabetic & Athletic Footwear

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Shoe Inserts

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Knee Braces

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Wrist Braces

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